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Industrial flexible inspection videoscope borescopeIndustrial flexible inspection videoscope borescopeIndustrial flexible inspection videoscope borescopeIndustrial flexible inspection videoscope borescope

Industrial flexible inspection videoscope borescope

  • Brand: QBH
  • Iten No.: AV-7810
  • Name of item:  Industrial flexible inspection videoscope borescope
  • the diameter of the probe: 3.9 mm/5.5 mm/9.0 mm/17 mm
  • Package: PE Toolbox
  • Place of origin: Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
Product description
Industrial flexible inspection videoscope borescope

This articulating video borescope inspection camera with wireless 3.5-inch screen,2.4 Ghz wireless transmission function,with recording function. Can also taking pictures ad videos. Simi-rigid hose tube or flexible tubes are available.                                      


Product Detail

Product features
This inspection camera with the following characteristics;

Name of item: Industrial flexible inspection videoscope borescope
Screen size: 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen
The Diameter of the camera: 3.9 mm/5.5 mm/9 mm/17 mm
Standard tube length: 1 m-20 m semi-rigid tube or flexible tubes
Signal transmission: 2.4 G Wireless Video Ttranmission, Wired Video Ttranmission
Focus distance: 30-80 mm
Package: PE Toolbox
Place of origin: Guangdong, China

With the parameter
Image sensor  VGA CMOS Sensor
 Effective pixels  240 * 320 (H) (f) (N), 720 (H) * 625 (f) (P)/720 (H) * 525 (f) (N)
 Focus distance  30 mm-80 mm
 viewing angle  60 degree Fov (D)
 The Diameter of the probe  3.9 mm/5.5 mm/9.0 mm/17 mm
 Led lighting  2/4 white lamps, lighting can adjustable 6 levels
Screen  3.5-inch QVGA TFT LCD 480 * 234 16 m colors
 Function  Image can be dispalyed with rotaing 180 degrees
 LCD display lighting can adjustable in 3 levels
 Autimatic recognition of NTSC/PAL
 Ten minutes without operation, TFT automatic turn into power saving mode
 language  English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian
 Host  Voltage: 5 v
 Current: 600ma work
 Charger/Power  Output voltage: 5V
 Input voltage: 110-220V
 Input current: 2A
 Power: 4 * AA battery, can support power by 4-5 hours
 Standard accessory  1 * hook, 1 * magnet, 1 * mirror

Product application

Product package

  Shenzhen QBH Technology Development Co., Ltd is an innovative high-tech enterprise specialized in intelligent instruments for more than 16 years, our main products, including industrial Borescope car evaporator Visual inspection cleaning Borescope, video Borescope, Snake tubes thoroughly cleaning vehicle maintenance, inspection Camera, etc. QBH is founded in 2000, through a stable development and technology accumulation for 16 years and currently owns the most specialized and most productive industrial snake camera production line. We appreciate very much the protection of intellectual property. QBH has the most intellectual property rights similar to the peer in the industry acquired. We have more than 30 patent certificates, including 2 patents for inventions. The application of the patent certificates protect customers from any intellectual property disputes.
   QBH has strong R & D capacity and innovative ability, we are Shenzhen and also national new high-tech enterprise. We offer customized service (ODM & OEM), and provide comprehensive borescope solutions covering various aspects such as design, research and development, manufacture and testing.
 High-Tech Enterprise
 Certificates for the US and the EU market
 30 patents for inventions

 Customer collaboration
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inspection camera
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