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Application of industrial endoscopes and inspection camera

  • Author:QBH
  • Release on :2017-02-27
Application of industrial endoscopes and inspection camera

    It can be used for inspection and observation of high temperature, toxic, nuclear radiation and places where the human eye can not be directly observed. It is mainly used in automobile, aeroengine, pipe, mechanical parts and so on. It can be used without disassembly or destruction of assembly and equipment To achieve non-destructive testing, widely used in aviation, automotive, shipbuilding, electrical, chemical, power, gas, atomic energy, civil engineering and other modern core industries in various sectors. The industrial endoscope can also be coupled with a camera, a camera or an electronic computer to form a camera, camera and image processing system for monitoring, recording, storing and image analysis of the field of view.

  1. Precision casting and mechanical manufacturing Industrial endoscope can be used in auto parts casting, hydraulic casting, pump body casting, mechanical parts casting, pipe fittings casting units, used to check the sand casting situation, Burr and staggered hole conditions and other quality control. For this type of inspection, with the three-dimensional endoscope with small, flexible. For the need to check the parts are relatively small holes, the mirror shaft small, flexible and easy to insert; video display is also very intuitive, clear, can be found inside the casting of deep holes, blind holes, staggered holes, casting Gaza, burrs, etc. at a glance.

   2. Automotive maintenance and production industry Industrial endoscope in the automobile production and maintenance industry has been widely used, mainly used in the detection and diagnosis of automotive engines, cylinders, hydraulic components, fuel pipes, engines, muffler, conveyor and air conditioning systems, differential Equipment, water tanks, fuel tanks, gear box wear, coke, blockage, etc., to improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of repair, while avoiding the mechanical parts of the disassembly caused by the damage. In the car engine cleaning, maintenance, endoscopy is also essential daily tools. At the same time it is simple, flexible, compact and easy to carry, soft, small, flexible insert tube can be reached need to check any hidden parts.

  3. Aerospace Industry Industrial endoscope T922 can be used for aircraft turbines, blades, engines, weld surface, catheter surface, the internal inspection of the combustion chamber or the body of the inspection, as well as rocket engine research and development, manufacturing. Aircraft maintenance is inseparable from the endoscope, endoscopy known as the "hole probe", is the aircraft routine maintenance and routine inspection of one of the five tools, its purpose is to grasp the internal situation of the engine. As the only one in the route maintenance can not break down the engine and understand the internal conditions of the inspection means, endoscopy for both safety and efficiency are of great significance and value: First, intuitive and accurate and easy, and able to Early detection of engine internal components damage, greatly conducive to the safety hazard excluded from the embryonic stage; Second, endoscopy to avoid the decomposition of the engine and the corresponding engine replacement, transportation and other costs and unnecessary loss of aircraft outage, save Maintenance costs.