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Zuhause > Fall > QBH JX04 4 in 1 Engine carbon .....

QBH JX04 4 in 1 Engine carbon cleaning machine

QBH JX04 4 in 1 Engine carbon cleaning machine

      In the month July, QBH has successfully developed three-way catalyst converter cleaner, oil line cleaner, air line cleaner, carbon engine Cleaning machine 4 in one cleaning machine. It’s biggest feature is 4 in 1 multifunction, it’s most commonly used function is carbon engine cleaning. Also it has been integrated a borescope. It’s mainly applied by the 4S stores and other motor maintenance stores. They has a frequently use of engine carbon cleaning machine, and they need a professional equipment.

Today, we QBH group come to a motor maintenance store of our friend’s as witnesses to see how this powerful machine works. After seeing how it does the Engine carbon cleaning just in sight, we could know more about this machine in this field study. There are 7 people in total in this field study, fall into 2 groups, foreign trade group and domestic trade group. We made a appointment before we arrived at the motor maintenance store, we arrived one after another. Then the Engine carbon cleaning job begins. We let the car mechanic to do the operation, while we standing aside.

After a long time waiting, the mechanic has a time for us finally. But unfortunately, they don’t have the Cleaning liquid for the Engine carbon cleaning for the moment, so we could only see other function works this time. At first, three-way catalyst converter cleaning.

Pour into the cleaning liquid, connect the air inlet of the vacuum tube, start the engine, then the three-way catalyst converter cleaning started.

The second function we studied is the oil line cleaning. We got into trouble at the beginning because it’s hard to find out the oil tube connector.
Connect with oil circuit with our JX04.

Pour in the oil circuit cleaning liquid.

Adjust the air pressure to 3.0-3.5 Mpa.

OK,make it work.