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China USB 6602CE Unternehmen
USB 6602CE
China CE Certificate Unternehmen
CE Certificate
China Zoom endoscope Unternehmen
Zoom endoscope
China zl2012 2 0147844.5 Unternehmen
zl2012 2 0147844.5
China ZL2012 2 0147836.0 Unternehmen
ZL2012 2 0147836.0
China ZL2012 2 0003443.2 Unternehmen
ZL2012 2 0003443.2
China wifi inspection camera Unternehmen
wifi inspection camera
China wifi endoscope Unternehmen
wifi endoscope
China two way borescope Unternehmen
two way borescope
China The videoscope can be rotated Unternehmen
The videoscope can be rotated
China Multi-directional rotation Unternehmen
Multi-directional rotation
China Mobile device connection Unternehmen
Mobile device connection
China detector Unternehmen
China Certification04.JPG Unternehmen
China Certification03.JPG Unternehmen
China Certification02.JPG Unternehmen
China Certification01.JPG Unternehmen
China Active docking Unternehmen
Active docking
China 360 rotation Unternehmen
360 rotation
China 4way rotation Unternehmen
4way rotation
China 01 Unternehmen
China 02 Unternehmen
China 03 Unternehmen
China 04 Unternehmen
China 05 Unternehmen
China 06 Unternehmen
China 07 Unternehmen
China 08 Unternehmen
China 09 Unternehmen
China 2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 Unternehmen
2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1
China 2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 Unternehmen
2012 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-2
China 2013 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 Unternehmen
2013 Autumn HKTDC Electronics Fair-1
China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-1 Unternehmen
2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-1
China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 Unternehmen
2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2
China 2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-3 Unternehmen
2013 Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-3
China Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2 Unternehmen
Spring HKTDC Electronics Fair-2
China 20151230154205 Unternehmen
China 20151230154508 Unternehmen
China Engineer1 Unternehmen
China 20151230154815 Unternehmen
China 20161118111738 Unternehmen
China Engineer Unternehmen
China engineer Unternehmen
China Business team Unternehmen
Business team
China heary Unternehmen
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18 Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-18.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-17.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-17.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-16.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-16.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-15.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-15.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-14.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-14.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-13.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-13.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-12.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-12.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-11.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-11.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-10.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-10.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-9.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-9.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-8.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-8.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-7.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-7.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-6.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-6.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-5.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-5.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-4.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-4.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-3.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-3.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-2.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-2.JPG
China Automechanika Shanghai 2016-1.JPG Unternehmen
Automechanika Shanghai 2016-1.JPG
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair9 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair9
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair8 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair8
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair7 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair7
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair6 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair6
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair5 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair5
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair4 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair4
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair3 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair3
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair2 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair2
China 2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair1 Unternehmen
2016 HKTDC Electronics Fair1
China have a meal together Unternehmen
have a meal together
China Employee2 Unternehmen
China Employee1 Unternehmen

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QBH On The CIEAA2018 GuangZhou Exhibition

QBH On The CIEAA2018 GuangZhou Exhibition

      The full name of GuangZhou exhibition CIEAA is “The 27th GuangZhou international Exhibition of Automotive Products, Auto Parts & Post-market Services”. This GuangZhou exhibition covers an area of 120,000 square meters, with 3,500 exhibitors and 120,000 exhibits. On the basis of previous years’, this year, more energy was invested in international buyers of this GuangZhou exhibition, from more than 500 international buyers from 110 countries was presented.

      The first day(2018.06.30) in GuangZhou exhibition our mission is to arrange the exhibition. We paid a lot of efforts on that. Firstly We need to walk a long way to receive more than 20 cartons of cargo, bring them back to our booth. Then we open each carton, put the things in the carton to right place. We carry cargos, we clean the booth, extending GuagnZhou exhibition is really not a easy thing.

     The second day (2018.07.01) is Sunday, the first day of the Guangzhou exhibition. There are a lot people here going about. Our booth was being arranged very beautiful. We greet so many of customers that we don’t even have a break for lunch. They all come from different place, some of them do cleaning liquid business, some sell auto parts. We also meet some foreign customers, some of them purchased our products on the Guangzhou exhibition. People all like our products, even there still have customer when the exhibition is going to close at the first day.

      This Guangzhou Exhibition July 1st is very successful for us, we received lots of name cards, sold some samples and sent out a lot of Album of paintings. The most important of all, we meet a lot of potential buyers, they might be our big customers in the future. Here is our group photo of us:

      OK,if you didn’t see us on the Guangzhou exhibition, it doesn’t matter. We will see you at the France Automechanika Frankfurt 11-15 September, the address is Ludwig-Erhard-Anlage 1 60327 Frankfurt am Main, our booth number will be G80